Chapter 3 – The Fitbit Revolution

Model: Charge 2 

A literal life changer. I had always contemplated getting one but never took the plunge and never really wore a watch. Until xmas (cheers mum). It’s changed the way I think about everything. I constantly check to see if I’m doing enough steps on a daily basis and I find myself walking a lot more to achieve it. It helps track my exercise and heart rate too and gives me an indication of my cardio fitness score (it’s quite low at the moment but nothing hard work and exercise can’t change). It tracks my sleep – and having sleep apnea – I’m normally restless at night and it’s good to see how much deep sleep I’m actually getting. It connects to MyFitnessPal which is ideal if I’m entering my 3 meals a day and tracking my calorie intake. The app itself is clean and easy to use. Fitbit also have a wifi connected weight scale which also integrates itself in the app and logs weight, body fat percentage and BMI. I am planning to buy this at some point to add to the collection but the prospect of seeing my body fat percentage (unsurprisingly) isn’t something I want to look at until I’ve lost more weight.
The battery is good – it lasts 4/5 days and only takes an hour to bring it back to full charge when low. You can set individual goals for just about every aspect of what you’re trying to achieve. You can participate in challenges with friends as well which gives me, personally, more motivation to actually get out there and walk/run/hop/jump/skip. It’s comfortable to wear and is light enough for constant wear bar showering. I guess one the main drawbacks would be the fact that it’s only splash and rain proof and not fully waterproof. 
The GPS seems to work fine – I had to walk a bit first to calibrate it but after that it was good. Perfect for running or brisk walks. They have challenges that only feature US cities and landmark walks – I hope they add UK features soon. Never been one for sight seeing but if it shifts weight… why not?
Either way it has helped me with losing weight and made me more self aware of what I need to be doing! Get one and test it for yourself. 


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