Chapter 4 – Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat

The big challenge; EXERCISE. Like me, who works silly hours and reaps little reward (ok, it’s not that bad but still – it’s hard work (serving drunks)) this was the biggest thing to try and fit into my week. It’s only an hour but after working 4-5 days (pub work is the devil) all I want to do on the next day off is park myself on the sofa and catch up on life. Having lazy bone syndrome is hard to get rid of when you’ve become accustomed to it. I had to tell myself that these things can wait. Good things/beer come to those who wait. So it begins…. The exercise. 

I told myself that I shouldn’t do too much too early and ease myself in. I started by planning what I could do in between the exercise to help me. If I’m on a day shift (because after a night shift I want bed as quickly as humanly possible and not walking at midnight) I walk a couple of bus stops further from the regular and get off a couple before my regular stop. Extra steps and – if walked at a fast pace – does wonders for mentality and cardio. Finding an exercise pal to help out works too. Nic is on the same path as me so the motivation was welcome. We added In some boxing, kettle bell sessions and dusted off our Astro turfs for the first time in a couple of years. Im enjoying exercise because I like and are interested in the things I’m doing. I find if you don’t like it, the less you’ll do it. Burpees are the devils child and they can do one! 

Having a good time is the key to life so incorporate that into exercise. I find I enjoy being outside more than the gym. My knees are also not a fan of treadmills so a natural surface is better for them in the long run (pun intended). My Fitbit is set too 3 days a week and I’ve been keeping

To it. It’s been hard but rewarding so far and I can see results. 
Ultimately I want – whenever I put my jeans on – to see my belt buckle and not a belly. 


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