Chapter 4 – Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat

The big challenge; EXERCISE. Like me, who works silly hours and reaps little reward (ok, it’s not that bad but still – it’s hard work (serving drunks)) this was the biggest thing to try and fit into my week. It’s only an hour but after working 4-5 days (pub work is the devil) all I want to do on the next day off is park myself on the sofa and catch up on life. Having lazy bone syndrome is hard to get rid of when you’ve become accustomed to it. I had to tell myself that these things can wait. Good things/beer come to those who wait. So it begins…. The exercise. 

I told myself that I shouldn’t do too much too early and ease myself in. I started by planning what I could do in between the exercise to help me. If I’m on a day shift (because after a night shift I want bed as quickly as humanly possible and not walking at midnight) I walk a couple of bus stops further from the regular and get off a couple before my regular stop. Extra steps and – if walked at a fast pace – does wonders for mentality and cardio. Finding an exercise pal to help out works too. Nic is on the same path as me so the motivation was welcome. We added In some boxing, kettle bell sessions and dusted off our Astro turfs for the first time in a couple of years. Im enjoying exercise because I like and are interested in the things I’m doing. I find if you don’t like it, the less you’ll do it. Burpees are the devils child and they can do one! 

Having a good time is the key to life so incorporate that into exercise. I find I enjoy being outside more than the gym. My knees are also not a fan of treadmills so a natural surface is better for them in the long run (pun intended). My Fitbit is set too 3 days a week and I’ve been keeping

To it. It’s been hard but rewarding so far and I can see results. 
Ultimately I want – whenever I put my jeans on – to see my belt buckle and not a belly. 


Chapter 3 – The Fitbit Revolution

Model: Charge 2 

A literal life changer. I had always contemplated getting one but never took the plunge and never really wore a watch. Until xmas (cheers mum). It’s changed the way I think about everything. I constantly check to see if I’m doing enough steps on a daily basis and I find myself walking a lot more to achieve it. It helps track my exercise and heart rate too and gives me an indication of my cardio fitness score (it’s quite low at the moment but nothing hard work and exercise can’t change). It tracks my sleep – and having sleep apnea – I’m normally restless at night and it’s good to see how much deep sleep I’m actually getting. It connects to MyFitnessPal which is ideal if I’m entering my 3 meals a day and tracking my calorie intake. The app itself is clean and easy to use. Fitbit also have a wifi connected weight scale which also integrates itself in the app and logs weight, body fat percentage and BMI. I am planning to buy this at some point to add to the collection but the prospect of seeing my body fat percentage (unsurprisingly) isn’t something I want to look at until I’ve lost more weight.
The battery is good – it lasts 4/5 days and only takes an hour to bring it back to full charge when low. You can set individual goals for just about every aspect of what you’re trying to achieve. You can participate in challenges with friends as well which gives me, personally, more motivation to actually get out there and walk/run/hop/jump/skip. It’s comfortable to wear and is light enough for constant wear bar showering. I guess one the main drawbacks would be the fact that it’s only splash and rain proof and not fully waterproof. 
The GPS seems to work fine – I had to walk a bit first to calibrate it but after that it was good. Perfect for running or brisk walks. They have challenges that only feature US cities and landmark walks – I hope they add UK features soon. Never been one for sight seeing but if it shifts weight… why not?
Either way it has helped me with losing weight and made me more self aware of what I need to be doing! Get one and test it for yourself. 

Chapter 2 – ‘erm, how do I lose weight?!’

This is the biggest question I had in my mind when I started this new lifestyle in January. How do I lose my weight? It’s a simple basic theory that I had to tell myself; eat well and exercise. The idea of fad diets and cool titled diets did not entice me this time round as I’ve tried, and like many, failed before. Shall I do the ‘South Beach Diet’? Have I ever been there? No. Do I like the beach? Not particularly. So why do it? The word ‘diet’ has been abused for years. It’s simple definition is the kind of foods you eat on a daily basis. You can choose to eat pizza all day or chicken and veg all day. That’s your diet. It’s up to you to choose the right one. I personally don’t like calling it a diet. I’m not dieting, I’m changing my lifestyle. 

“Health requires healthy foods”

The simple truth is: burn more calories than the calories you stuff in your mouth. It took me a while to come to this realisation and when i finally clocked on, a quiet peace entered my mind. The more complicated it sounds the harder it’ll probably be. Do it for yourself and no one else. Tailor your own lifestyle from research and take your time with it. At this stage in my life I don’t allow cheat days – just cheat meals. Even my cheat meals are as healthy as they can be. [there will be a chapter on cheat meals FYI] I know within myself that if I cheat more than once a week I’ll pay for it later. The little fat man in your head is saying ‘one donut won’t hurt’. It does and it will. I have to run further to burn it off so why make it harder for myself? 

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”

I always had an excuse for why I didn’t want to exercise. There are 24 hours in a day. 7 are for sleep, 7 for your partner/wife and the 10 left are mine/yours. Exercise requires an hour and (when I was a lazy slob on the sofa putting garbage in my piehole) I couldn’t be bothered. 60 mins of sweating over 60 mins of Fifa. The day I started is the day i needed. I felt stupid for not asserting myself with this before. I’d go for 3 weeks then revert back to my old ways.You can’t really describe the rush you get when you can actually see weight dropping off unless you’ve been through it. It’s glorious and I can’t wait to live like this for the rest of my life or ultimately, fall off and descend into a greasy whirlpool of KFC buckets for one and Dr Pepper engaging my taste buds with its caramel, sugary goodness. 

Having said that…
It’s changing my life and although this marathon (probably about 2 miles in) has a long way to go, I’ll feel better for it at the end. And not fat. Fat can burn in hell. 
Peace out. 

Chapter 1 – Me and My Goal

The goal. Simple really. I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m trying to get rid of it. For good. I stumbled (or waddled) in to the last years of my twenties feeling depressed about the current state of my health. I can’t tell you an accurate weight as the manual scales I had at home wouldn’t go past 20 stone. TWENTY STONE. Something had to change. Don’t get me wrong, nothing else in my life was bad apart from my weight. I have an incredible and beautiful girlfriend who is my rock and best friend. I couldn’t start this journey without the support from her. She is also carrying a wonderful little life in the form of a girl who is due at the end of April. My family are amazing and a special shout out to my pops for being hard on me about my weight. It only took 10 or so years for me to clock on, but eventually, I listened.

Side note: LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. Honestly, make that a life goal. You’re nothing without them and they are integral to your life. Listen to them.

So the process began and I set myself some goals. You have to realistic about these first and foremost because, at the end of the day, it’s a marathon – not a sprint. Don’t expect to be the “new you” in 2 months. Be realistic. I don’t want to be that weezing father in the playground with my kid wishing I wasn’t out of breath and blaming the dominos pizza I had the night before.

My goal is simple:

  • Lose weight healthily
  • Don’t rush
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Be macro and nutrient conscious

And last of all,

  • Enjoy every day of it

I’m 30 in October. So far I have lost 1 stone and 4 pounds and feeling great! I’ll update this once a week and hope you read and be part of the journey that I’m aiming to achieve. Peace out!

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